Story.Lines July 9 2014

Later today some of my crewmates and I will rock the opening reception of Story.Lines, a solo exhibition by Brad Biederman aka Ani-33. Read on for more details!

Latest update from the FB event:

Nothing is written in stone but here’s a rough timeline to when things will go down…
Doors open at 6. Ill at Will crushes the dance floor at 640. Moore and Exit Only drop lyrical madness at 720. DJ Wiskaz cuts and spins all night (OK till 8), my art on display..all night (till the 19th) and perhaps even a guest appearance by battle master Bill Beamin.


24 New artworks by Brad Biederman (see artist bio below)

Opening Reception: Wednesday July 9th 6-8 pm
(Duration of show July 9-19)
At The ARTS Project, 203 Dundas St.

DJ Wiskaz

Moore & Exit Only – NEW ALBUM!

Ill at Will crew


Brad Biederman is most often known for his mural work around the city of London. His work is characteristic for fun characters, bold colours, and fat black outlines. There is a story in every piece. This exposition is a departure in that it is absent of colour; the characters remain, the lines remain, the story is always present. The 24 new works are line drawings that expose his talent; there is no where to hide. You will notice some of his favourite walls and canvases reworked, along side new drawings and soon to be favourite characters. Those who purchase a piece of the 24 on opening night, will be entered into a draw for one of Brad’s previous canvas works. The winner can choose from 10 canvasses ranging in value from $500 to $1000. The potential prizes will also be on display during the show and available for sale after opening night. Each of the new works is priced to find a new home ($200) and limited edition prints will also be available for those who would like to start their collection.

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