My first introduction to Percee P came while I was getting to know various songs by Lord Finesse. One of those songs is more of a battle, where Lord Finesse goes verse for verse with Percee P over the classic James Brown Funky Drummer sample.

I was immediately enamoured with the nasty flow and clever lyricism on display, and from that day forward whenever I saw one of their names on a track that I was unfamiliar with, I made sure to give it a listen.

So you better believe that recently when I spotted the new-to-me song Percee P ft Pharoahe Monch – Lung Collapsing in the Related Videos sidebar on YouTube, that I clicked on it with the force of a thousand air flares!

My only disappointment is that Pharoahe Monch doesn’t have an actual verse (he only does the intro), but otherwise this track delivers just what I wanted: a classic early 90s beat with Percee P slinging metaphors with astonishing flow and pace.

Percee P and DJ Ekim – Lung Collapsing [lyrics]

For those who like to know the story behind the music, here’s a short interview where (description from YouTube):

Percee P talks about being on Big Beat Records in 1992.. Mentions Now They Wanna See Me, Lung Collapsing Lyrics, Putting Heads to Bed release.. Yes You May.. Stretch & Bobbito.. T Ray… Lord Finesse.. Big L.. Pharaohe Monch.. DJ Eclipse.. Tells story about being with Akinyele and Nas and recording with MC Serch “Here it Comes Again” and a Unreleased version of “Back to The Grill”.

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