The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has been celebrating Black History Month with some fun videos! This week two hip hop elements, dancing and rapping, caught my attention.

First there was Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing (w/Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith), where Jimmy and Will Smith take us through the history of hip-hop dances. You can spot a number of old school hip hop moves plus a toprock “cameo” of sorts during the move “the I’m About the Breakdance”.


Two days later I came across the very well edited video Brian Williams Raps “Rapper’s Delight”. In it I watched NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams rap The Sugar Hill Gang classic Rapper’s Delight — and, yes, he brought two friends along.

[This video is private.]

Did you like the fun hiphop dance and classic rap videos? Which one is your favourite?

Personally I’m a fan of Will Smith and love to dance, but the Rapper’s Delight clip was so well done I think it’s my fave!