The Canadian Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council are conducting the first-ever, nation-wide online survey of dancers as part of the Canada Dance Mapping Study; a study which aims to enhance their understanding of the dance field.

All dancers, choreographers, and dance teachers 16 years of age or older are invited to participate. It takes about 10 minutes to complete and you can find the survey by clicking here.

The results will be shared through reports and graphics on the Canada Council web site.


Do you dance?

Whether you practice African dance, ballet, ballroom, folk, highland, hip hop, jazz, powwow, square dance or any other style, you are taking this survey to count yourself in!

Do you know someone who dances?

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Follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #yesIdance!

Canada Dance Mapping Study

Also of interest is this interactive, searchable map of dance in Canada. The map already pinpoints more than 900 dance-related organizations in various genres, and in the coming weeks and months they aim to triple the number of entries!

The mapping microsite is an initiative of the Canada Dance Mapping Study.