This week London rapper Shad released another single from his latest album, Flying Colours (No, Mr. Spellcheck, I’m spelling that the Canadian way!), and it comes with a music video ft Lights which you can watch below.

Shad feat Lights – Remember to Remember
(unofficial epilepsy warning starting around 2:40)

Parts of the video remind me of The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army video, with multiple Shads walking towards the camera, which is cool, but there should probably be an epilepsy warning around 2:40 where there’s a bit of a dance sequence that’s hard to make out because of all the flashing… lights… But it’s all good!

Shad has been active since 2005 and is known for being a breath of fresh air in a rap music scene filled with redundancy and ignorance. His Flying Colours album continues this pattern of engaging lyrics and slick flow over crisp production. Remember to Remember features fellow Canadian musician Lights, which makes for a great collaboration. Throw in production from Mike Tompkins and the video direction of Justin Broadbent and you have yourself another quality rap track to play back, most likely “again and again“!

Here’s the word from Shad K’s FB page:

Special thanks to MuchFACT for the support, Justin Broadbent for the directional excellence, LIGHTS and Mike Tompkins for their work on the track!

Yesterday Mass Appeal posted an episode of Off Tha’ Wall which contained an interview where Shad talks about a death row meal, Flying Colours, and dream studio sessions:


For more goodness from the homie Shad you can buy the album on iTunes or check out some his recent collab with DJ Skratch Bastid called The Spring Up. Lastly, here’s another music video from Flying Colours called Stylin feat Saukrates:

Shad – Stylin (featuring Saukrates)