Do the November blues got you down? Getting tired of cold weather, darkness before dinner time, and copious amount of snow? Enter Pharrell Williams and his new interactive music video: it’s catchy, full of infectious smiles and dancing, and is 24 hours long!

Don’t just watch the regular music video format above; go to the full featured version at!

The website has the 4 minute song on loop as different people sing and dance their way through the street of LA. Sometimes it’s Pharrell, sometimes random people, and sometimes a celebrity. Some of the cameos found so far are listed below:

A breaker doing flips and footwork:
Magic Johnson and his trophy room:
Jimmy Kimmel being quite smug:
Kelly Osbourne:
Keith Apicary (Nathan Barnatt):
Electric Hula hoop!:
Dancing chicken:
Dancing Minion:
Steve Carrell: 

There are even more discoveries and cameos talked about in this Reddit thread.

I’ve also come across many people dancing and even a couple guys in suits tap dancing. What’s your favourite part of the video? If you find any hidden gems comment with the time stamp!