Ill At Will stays busy this weekend all around the London community. Nothing new about that though! Cyphers and battles at Western’s Fall Cypher on Friday, Grand Opening of Family Centre and Movembreaks Live Jam Session at O.N.E. (click the links to find more information about each event).

On Saturday, November 30th, members of ill at will & O.N.E. team up with some of The Dynamic Dozen youth to provide a small hip-hop / breakdance workshop & performance at the Grand Opening of Family Centre in Carling-Thames arena. We are collaborating with a talented young girl named Adina who will be dropping some rhymes, with DJ Woody Brown (DTWB) on the 1’s and 2’s, and of course, some wicked dancing provided by members of O.N.E. Hip Hop Studio and London’s finest Ill At Will Breaking Crew.

Opening of the Carling-Thames Family Centre

More details on the event can be found here on ( Here, we hope to connect with more community-minded people of London and inspire a lot of youth to stay positive and active. Come join us at this celebration. There will be music, dance, food, lights, cameras, and action!