Here’s a video of Red Bull BC One Champion RoxRite demonstrating how variations can be created from basic, fundamental freezes.

“I kept the tutorial very basic so you can just see a small combo of a basic freezes. I didnt want to show you how to use the freezes but rather just see them and then you yourself finding ways to use them. Also you can add your own twist to each freeze.” -RoxRite

Watch the video below and then hit the lab to get creative!

Basic Freeze Tutorial for B-Boys and B-Girls from RoxRite

Hey Londoners! If you want help learning these freezes or want to try other breakdance moves then check out the classes at O.N.E. studio or contact IAW for lessons by emailing info [at] (change [at] to @ symbol).


PS – Thanks to Nasty Nick for posting this on the UWO Breakers FB page; which is where I found it.