The Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network (KAAN) has invited Rob Loebach aka Loebz of Ill at Will to speak at their annual conference.

Loebz will be speaking this Friday in Grand Rapids, Michigan about his personal adoption story, as well as his relationship between adoption and bboying. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a quick breakdance demo as well!

If your free, come to the KAAN convention.¬†¬†Hope to see you there! Otherwise, please enjoy this video from Loebz titled “An Adopted Korean Canadian BBOY Story 2011”



More details from the video’s description:

A relation between bboying (dance) and adoption. A positive outlook for the young generation growing up. For the young ones who look up to me. And for the adopted parents who love their children. I put this together as a rough idea of the bond between my dance and my adoption. How it helped me through struggles and let me express myself when words, music, friends, family and anything else couldn’t fully understand. I will be releasing a new one in the near future featuring other Korean adoptees from around the world who are also dancers. I am proud to be adopted. And thankful for my loving parents.

Just something I want to do to be positive and give back to my adoptee extended family.