The Year Twenty-ILLeven (2011) has been a great one for Ill at Will crew. We held a successful, large Breakin’ (Breakdancing) competition at Centennial Hall (video from London Free press) in London, ON in January, performed in front of London Mayor Joe Fontana for a charity dinner in February, and the good times kept on rolling from there!

Ill at Will in Toronto

6 of the illains demonstrating the IAW hand sign in Toronto

Check out our Facebook Page for more links and photos from the year’s highlights, including:

ill at will at John Labatt Centre November 2011

JFX, Loebz, ka_boom, and Kayo @ JLC

Twenty-Twelve looks to be even better for the crew as we continue to build locally and represent abroad. We’re also expanding as we welcome new members Spencer, Connor, and Eric, making us 10 strong!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Please recommend us to your friends on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @illatwillcrew.