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Ill at Will

Ill at Will is a Canadian B-Boy (breakdance) crew formed in late August 2008. Our members are mainly from Ontario's 519 area with others from Toronto and The Netherlands.

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Our dance is called Breakin', or B-boying, but it's also known as breakdancing. Breakin is one of the main elements of Hip Hop culture; other elements include rapping, turntablism (DJing), and graffiti art. We mostly dance to rap, funk, and breaks (drum sections of a song) but we'll go off to whatever makes our feet move!

We provide dynamic entertainment for weddings, brand promotions, birthday parties, corporate events, bar & bat mitzvahs, festivals, and more. During our adventures we've performed for Adidas, Nokia, RBC, 3M / United Way, Caesars Windsor, Bacardi, Scion, Canada's Walk of Fame, and the LIHC (London Intercommunity Health Centre).

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We organize and participate in numerous workshops and events for the local communities in Windsor and London, Ontario. We also teach weekly dance classes at our home base O.N.E. dance studio, where the Originality Never Ends.

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We like to travel, exchange knowledge with other dancers, and battle at competitions throughout Ontario, Michigan, New York, and Quebec.

Guilty Parties

Bambino ...aka Luis Espinoza
Con-Air ...aka Connor McPhail
Icon ...aka Joseph Yao
JFX ...aka Jim Han
ka_boom ...aka Kyler Ayim
Kayo ...aka Jean-Luc Desjardins
Lil Papi ...aka David Ortiz-Guerrero
Loebz ...aka Rob Loebach
Logic ...aka Doug Belford
Nickolaas ...aka Nick van der Velde
RAWcel ...aka Racel Sopoco
Stingray ...aka Spencer Kendall
T-grr ...aka Eric Yoo
TigerBomb ...aka Steve Duong

Please scroll down to enjoy a few older crew photos. Click on a photo to view the full sized image open in a new tab. For more recent photos check out our Facebook page.

Some of the crew posing after a breakdance event
Some of the crew posing after a breakdance event

Rollercoaster   IAW circle
Rollercoaster staircase | Ill at Will circle

5 members in downtown London
5 members at a photoshoot in downtown London, Canada

Hanging out during a photoshoot
Hanging out during a photoshoot

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