B-Boys at the Bridal Ball 2015

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IAW was proud to perform for the Bridal Ball on March 27 at the Ambassador Golf Club in support of The Sunshine Foundation.

The Sunshine Foundation of Canada is a national charitable organization that makes dreams come true for children with severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses. Dreams for Kids since 1987!

Loebz’ solo started with a commando with our student and special guest, Bboy Lil Papi:

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The boys cooling off outside after the performance:

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For more details on the event and its charitable efforts please see the official website: http://www.bridalballevent.com


Speaking Engagement at RBC’s Royal Performers Awards night


What’s missing from a nice ballroom filled with well-dressed Royal Bank of Canada employees?

If you didn’t shout “The bboys!” I wouldn’t blame you, but that’s how it went down. In fact, before the breakers breaked some of the bankers themselves performed a little choreography on stage!

A number of employees came together like Voltron to form “RBC’s Best Dance Crew”. They received intensive/fun dance training from Jim Han (JFX) at our studio on Dundas Street in the weeks leading up to the top performers gala on Sept 30. Finally, the group took to the stage with Jim to set off the dance performance that night.

They danced to a remix of Singing in the Rain before they took a bow and let the others from Ill at Will join Jim on stage for the rest of the show!

When the lights and music settled the Regional VP of London & St. Thomas, Jennifer Taylor, took the mic and spoke about the collaborations the bank and Ill at Will have been up to; such as the successful after school program at Aberdeen Public School (funded through RBC), Canada’s Walk of Fame performances, and the Me to We Tour with Spencer West.

Finally, Jim, Nick, and Rob all delivered short motivational speeches about how hip-hop culture had a positive affect on them during their youth.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to perform and speak for RBC’s Royal Performers Awards night.

RBC stage Sept 30 2014

Unfortunately, no action shots of us dancing this time but check out this gallery which features the ballroom and the illains sharing their stories on stage.

The crew gets a bite to eat
The crew gets a bite to eat

IAW at the Windsor waterfront during the WAVES Festival

stage panoramic WAVES Sept 26 2014

Ill at Will journeyed to Windsor on Sept 26 and 27 for two days of of the W.A.V.E.S. Festival.

Loebz was excited when he arrived, posting on FB:

With the crew for WAVES festival on the riverfront (art sculptures garden). We will be punch dancing and break dance fighting this afternoon and Saturday all day.

Instagram user @spdrmnky89 captured a video of Nickolaas throwing down:


Here’s a small gallery of pics taken by crew members during their stay in Windsor:


For more sights from the W.A.V.E.S. Festival check out the Flickr gallery.

If you posted any footage of Ill at Will on Twitter or Instagram let us know about it in the comments!

Clips from IAW at the Canada Walk of Fame Festival

IAW on CWOF billWe had a great day in Toronto at Canada’s Walk of Fame (website / FB) during their festival.

The weather was cool but otherwise great, the people were great, and here’s some footage from the day!








Nickolaas demonstrating some toprock:

@illatwillcrew breaking out the moves for #CWOFameFest #WalkOn #Toronto

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ka_boom with the jumping swipes:

Well I definitely can't do that. Ill At Will Crew on stage at David Pecaut Square. #WALKON #Toronto

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And Loebz with the backspin and downrock:

Amazing moves from B-Boy Crew Ill At Will. #WALKON #Toronto

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The beautiful David Pecaut Square in downtown Toronto, Canada
The view from beautiful David Pecaut Square in downtown Toronto, Canada

IAW helps Western U prove breakdance supremacy at BCAT

This past weekend there was a different kind of aptitude test on campus; The Breaking Clubs Aptitude Test (BCAT) at Hamilton’s McMaster University. Members of Ill at Will joined forces with Ju Rock of Ground Illusionz and Derrick of UWO Breakers to bring home a ‘W’ for Western University aka the University of Western Ontario (UWO)!

Final battle: Western University (UWO, London) vs University of Toronto Mississauga

An excited Rob Loebz, who was also celebrating his birthday, shared the following on Facebook:

It’s the finals y’all. Though we won for Western University, honestly the winners of this event are Stephen Fleg (FLEG) on the One’s and Two’s along with Adrian Bernard (Switch B) on the Mic. Both of them killing it. Respect. Thanks to competitors, organizers and fans.  Check it out!

Ill at Will helps win BCAT 2014

You can see a different angle of the final battle here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGCk8p7Ux5Q
The semifinals battle vs York was also hype and can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isxhsd_-Smc

Did you go to the BCAT breakdance battle in Hamilton? What was your favourite moment?

If you didn’t have the pleasure of watching BCAT live, do you have an official breaking club or even just breakers at your school? Post and let us know where you represent and if they have bboys & bgirls there!