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Hi Kyler. Want to say thank you for coming out and doing a surprise performance at the Bridal Ball. The ladies really enjoyed the dancing and the upbeat music.

Inviting guests to come up to the dance floor afterwards was a great way to get the party started. Thank you and all the others for being so friendly and accommodating.

-Diane F

Nickolaas is a true professional, since the moment I contacted him he had a quick response time with any inquires I have had. With very short notice he was able to accommodate us for our wedding. He has great mannerisms, is very polite and was willing to work with me on my budget unlike some other performers.

Nickolaas and the team were very punctual and professional for our event. Their performance was amazing! We had chosen our own songs and they were able to perform on the fly. High energy and amazing moves.

I would highly recommend Ill at Will for anyone looking for a breakdancing performance.

-Owen R

For what members of ill at Will and O.N.E. are doing for the community and the youth, I've been more than happy to help in any way to expand the hip-hop scene in London.

-Joseph Yao; photographer, videographer, B-Boy

ill at will and o.n.e. make London a better place.

-Trevor Johnson; City of London

Iíve always been into the hiphop culture but I fell into a whole other genre when I discovered breaking. It was the only dance style that really individualized my dance and allowed me to fully express who I am. I began to learn about my limits and how music can really help you as a person. There was something so pure in this dance style that I fell in love with it. The culture around breaking was another concept that opened my mind. Crews like Ill At Will provide so much support for new dancers. In a small breaking community like London Ontario, it is so good to see that people like them care so much about this dance and passing it on to future generation. They have always pushed me further with my dance and always supported me as a dancer. They definitely deserve a lot more recognition than they get and hopefully one day theyíll see their city blow up with the breaking scene.

-Arpon S

I can honestly say that dance has changed the way I think about and live my life. Itís pretty incredible looking back and seeing the transformation from a shy scared young guy into a friendly, outgoing extroverted personality. I never would have thought that when I started this journey, dancing alone in my living room, learning from YouTube videos that it would have such a profound impact on my confidence and sense of individuality.

I think that is incredibly important that every person finds a means of emotional outlet through some form of creative expression. For some people this is art, or singing, or playing an instrument but for me dance is the rawest and most exciting form. I donít think Iíll ever forget the day that I realized I had found a way to really let out the way I feel inside.

Through all of this the members of Ill at Will and the UWO Breakers club have been a constant encouraging and positive force. It takes a lot to work up to the point where you feel comfortable dancing in front of other people, even more so when they seem so much better than you but I was never made to feel like I looked stupid or wasnít learning fast enough. They have always been ready and willing to share the knowledge they have gained over the years and I think that itís because they feel the same way as I do about dance and just genuinely want others to have the chance to experience the freedom it can bring.

I encourage everyone to give this thing a chance and come out to a practice some time, or take some lessons. Itís something youíll never regret!

-Jesse C

You guys were nothing less than spectacular!!!

-Colin P

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