Yet Another FREE B-Boy Community Workshop!

Who’s too broke to learn to break!?
(never a valid excuse in my opinion..but we’ve been getting that a lot)

Soooo… on Saturday, October 15th;
With the support of LIHC, Beacock Library, and Youth Outreach Workers,
Ill At Will is hosting another FREE north-east community workshop!

Beacock Library (1280 Huron St, London ON), October 15

It’s the weekend after giving thanks…
so come work off all that delicious turkey
& have some fun with IAW!

Check out the flyer for the details.
I hope to see you out there LONDON!


Beatboxing Owls and krNfx in Telus Commercials

[UPDATE Dec 3, 2013: The original YouTube videos are no longer available. At this time you can still watch the commercial at the following link, but the page is in Chinese so I make no guarantees about the other content. ]

video no longer available

Check out IAW’s buddy (and not to mention Canadian beatbox champion) krNfx featured in the new series of Telus mobile commercials! The first one (to my knowledge) is above and one of the newer ones is below.

video no longer available

Have you seen any of these on TV lately?

Check him out on the krNfx Facebook Page!

[Previous YouTube links:  ]

Breakumentary: Episode 2

thumbnail for the breakumentary

The good people at More Than a Stance have a documentary series examining different perspectives of Breakin’ (aka breakdancing). In their latest Breakumentary ROXRITE, PALMER, KEEBZ, and MIG187 discuss the art of paying dues and getting paid. Plenty of thoughtful perspectives from those interviewed, as well as comments on how some breakers approach the dance.

You can watch the video in a new tab by clicking this link. Please let me know how you feel about what’s said in the video by commenting below!

Footage of the winning show at Mind Your Mind Challenge


YouTube: International Youth Day Mashup Challenge – Winners – Loebz and JFX ill at will

Footage of our performance from The International Youth Day Mash Up Challenge. Pretty much me and Jim’s goal was to have fun and rep well for the bboy/bgirl dance community. A personal honor for me to perform in front of my Korean adopted student Damon. I want to thank Mind your Mind, Dynamic Dozen, all the other competitors… and the WILD WILD WILD FANS! Much love; peace!

screenshot of the MYM website after the competition
screenshot of the Mind Your Mind website after the competition

Manifesto Festival 2010 Recap

[vimeo 17930072 400 255]

Manifesto Festival 2010 Recap – Full Length on Vimeo

Here is a dope video recap of Toronto’s hip-hop festival called “ManifesTO” which happened summer 2010. It was a week long festival that featured many events, and Ill at Will members were on the scene during the Canada Pro B-Boy battle and block party at Young & Dundas Square! At the battle many of Canada’s top crews competed for $3000 and at the block party concert J. Period, Black Thought of the Roots, and others performed while merchants did their thing and the dancers rocked a cypher!

Can you spot the Illains (IAW members) in the video clip?!