Basic Freeze Tutorial by RoxRite

Here’s a video of Red Bull BC One Champion RoxRite demonstrating how variations can be created from basic, fundamental freezes.

“I kept the tutorial very basic so you can just see a small combo of a basic freezes. I didnt want to show you how to use the freezes but rather just see them and then you yourself finding ways to use them. Also you can add your own twist to each freeze.” -RoxRite

Watch the video below and then hit the lab to get creative!

Basic Freeze Tutorial for B-Boys and B-Girls from RoxRite

Hey Londoners! If you want help learning these freezes or want to try other breakdance moves then check out the classes at O.N.E. studio or contact IAW for lessons by emailing info [at] (change [at] to @ symbol).


PS – Thanks to Nasty Nick for posting this on the UWO Breakers FB page; which is where I found it.

Domkey (Lionz of Zion) Workshop at O.N.E. Dance Studio

O.N.E. Hip Hop Dance Studio and Ill at Will crew are proud to present: Domkey (LOZ) Workshop!

Domkey of Lionz Of Zion is known worldwide for his breaking skills and battle prowess. He’s the 2012 Red Bull BC ONE USA Champion, as well as countless other titles. I could list things for days, but check out his promos.

2012 PROMO

Bboy Domkey is Dom Corleone | YAK FILMS | Presented by Graham Partners

As you can see he is a dope bboy and amazing dancer! You will learn a ton, or tonne, whichever you prefer 😛

25$ – AUGUST 27th – 730 PM


O.N.E. Hip Hop Dance Studio (236 Dundas St. London, ON)

See you there! (Facebook event link)

IAW Summer Preview

With summer set to begin, here’s a quick look at what’s new & exciting with Ill at Will!

London’s own Mind Your Mind (MYM) organization recently released a video interview with JFX, Kayo, Loebz, and Nasty Nick. The boys talk about expression and positive outlets through dance. MYM helps promote healthy living dealing with mental health awareness.


Some members of IAW have joined forces with a couple other local dancers to open London’s only Hip-Hop focused dance studio! O.N.E. (Originality Never Ends) Hip Hop Dance studio is dedicated to hip-hop, breaking, popping and house dance styles. Check them out on Facebook or see the class schedule on the IAW site.

On a more personal tip, I’m going to London, England for the 2012 Summer Olympics! My sister has an opportunity to play at the Olympics with the Canadian Women’s Basketball Team so my family is UK-bound to support her. While overseas I may take the chance to visit other European countries, so I’ll have to tighten up my Spanish and maybe pick up some German while playing Party Poker online (Sponsored link; although I do enjoy some online Texas Hold Em!).

Social Media in Hip-Hop today

“Follow me on twitter” .. “Like us on Facebook” .. “Check out our MySpace”

These sayings would have made absolutely no sense 10 years ago in any languages. And yet today, there are close to 200 million twitter users, and over 200 countries have Facebook users according to

Today’s promotional companies and talent agencies may take advantage of the ‘Fan Page’ feature on Facebook to attract new clients, keep people informed of their activities and involvements. It is also used for various contests, to increase traffic to their official website, and also to send out invitations to public & private events.
Artists and musicians make use of the Fan Page as well, to submit their work or to direct them to their YouTube page, and keeping in touch with the supportive fans.

Follow us/Like us

As it can be seen all around us; social media is such an important tool in marketing that more and more industries are starting to anticipate the use of such interactions online. It is very common to hear “Make sure you check out our Facebook page” or “Follow us on twitter” to persuade the audience to dig for more information.

It has helped original hip-hop community grow significantly over the past few years especially when international b-boying events became more popular and attracted new countries all around the world. Getting the word out through the social media channels became a key component in successful event marketing for many reasons. It lowered costs on invitations, provided a way to keep in contact with a large number of invited guests, gave them an opportunity to forecast the size of the attendants, and it allowed everyone within the culture to get connected instantly.

The following image shows the official Facebook invite page for an upcoming b-boy event, in comparison to a traditional flyer from the late 70’s:

Trading video cassettes of old-school footage has become uploading it publicly and sharing on YouTube. Handing out flyers and posters has turned into a simple click of mass invitations to your entire friend list on Facebook. Day-long trips across the country became weekend-long celebrations in a whole new continent.

As some would argue the shift in authenticity of this hip-hop culture, it is no doubt that social media had a huge role in closing the international gap in the b-boy community. In order to continue to grow this scene and inspire the rest of this rapidly-changing world, there’s no slowing down in usage of social media.



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